About HKPA

Our Vision


Through the provision of diversified and pertinent services and facilities, Hong Kong Playground Association is devoted to nurture the healthy mind and spirit of young people, for them to become the future pillars of Hong Kong.


We strive for excellence, and envision ourselves to become a locally and globally recognized professional organization focused on enhancing the well being of children and youth.



Our Mission


                   To promote the holistic development of young people 

                   To advocate and arouse social awareness of a social environment conducive to the holistic development of young people

                   To support disadvantaged young people to meet challenges in life, to acquire life goals, and to become constructive members of society

                   To cultivate civic-mindedness in young people, hence propelling their participation in regional and national affairs

                   To provide young people with opportunities to expound their potential and creativity, and strengthen their resilience and competitiveness



Our Values


To create an organizational culture of being:



                       Invested in Holistic Development

                       Ethical Professionals

                       Committed to the highest standards of services

                       In constant search for excellence 

                       In synch with changes 

                       Firmly rooted in Hong Kong 

                       Staying connected to the Motherland


Established in 1933, Hong Kong Playground Association is a long-time non-governmental organization providing social services to children and young people in Hong Kong. Through diversified and pertinent services, we aim at breeding youngsters’ holistic development and nurturing them to be successors of the Hong Kong society.


Our services are organized under “Central Administration & Corporate Communication Division”, “Social Work Division” and “Culture, Sports & Arts Division”.


Central Administration & Corporate Communication Division is responsible for agency administration, large scale event, corporate communication, professional development and research.


Social Work Division includes Integrated Children and Youth Service Centres, Children and Youth Centres, District Youth Outreaching Service, Overnight Outreaching Service for Young Night Drifters, Community Support Service Scheme, School Social Work Service, the Unusual Academy School Dropouts Supportive Service. 


Culture, Sports & Arts Division is composed of Stadium, Camp, Exchange and Arts Services, Sports Service and Social Enterprise.


Our service units are located all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and outlying islands. In addition, we also have frequent exchange and co-operation with the governments and public organizations in Mainland China, Macau and neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, in order to foster mutual professional development.



All the way we uphold our spirit of “person-oriented and strive for excellence”, so as to benefit the younger generation and contribute to the society as a whole.  At the same time, we devote to becoming a prestigious and professional children and youth service organization at local and international levels.